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  • 100% Cotton, 800 gr/mtl
  • Patch over the right pocket
  • Secret pocket
  • Right pocket logo flag
  • Hammer holder
  • Tools holder

  • Dice line pocket

Broke Clothing Baggy Jeans Size Chart

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Only Limited Items

The choice of using deadstock for production depends on the quantity of garments. Each new Broke Clothing collection is made up of limited items because the quantities of fabric in deadstock are limited and out of production, so each item is unique and unrepeatable. This is why we take care of the entire production process: to offer high quality garments that guarantee resistance and durability over time that has always distinguished Broke Clothing.

All products are entirely handmade in Italy, each item is a limited edition as an artisanal product and non-serialized. The collection aims to resume the style expressed by Broke Clothing™ during the 04/05 season, offering the market a product with historical lines revisited in a modern key.

Upcycling Products

Broke Clothing does not commission the production of new material, each product is made with the use of deadstock: rolls of high quality experimental fabrics intended for big brands, left over from excess production. Broke Clothing takes the task of not wasting these precious fabrics and giving them the life they deserve through indestructible handmade garments with a unique style.

The tags of each dress are printed on paper from industrial waste. The paper does not receive any treatment other than printing, thus limiting the environmental impact and industrial waste as much as possible.

In our showroom and on social networks, we give Broke Clothing enthusiasts the opportunity to buy archive items. Unique pieces from the collections that broke has produced in these almost 30 years of history, jealously preserved in our archives, are now still available for a short time.

For the production of Broke Clothing garments, energy consumption is minimal, with the use of deadstock the emissions produced are 0, the only consumption comes from packaging and transport exclusively within the region.

Italian Handmade Quality

Ours is a so-called short supply chain, each garment is entirely handmade by Italian artisans. The cutting of the fabrics takes place in our laboratory, located right next to our showroom. Once the fabric has been cut, it is brought to be packaged in artisan workshops less than a couple of hours' drive from our headquarters. Here they are assembled by hand and once ready they return to our headquarters where the latest customizations are applied;

Now they are ready for all fans of Original Streetwear.