Original Streetwear

Broke Clothing Italian Streetwear clothing is 100% produced in Italy.
It is here that Broke is based, in Treviso, on the mainland of Venice, a land of tireless workers and men who are tenacious and hard to surrender. In a word, UNBREAKABLE. Here was born our dream of bringing American streetwear to Italy, in 1994.

1994 - 1999

Broke was born in 1994 with the aim of introducing a new American style born of the Street world in Italy. A spontaneous movement linked to extreme sport and alternative music immediately develops around the brand, involving athletes, musicians and not-yet-known personalities from the entertainment world, and which unites young people in a strongly identifying community.

2000 - 2010

Broke was born from the street and lives among the people. The brand is highly appreciated by anyone looking for indestructible garments with comfortable lines, made with resistant materials and tailored quality, with attention to the smallest details. Crews of athletes, skateboarders, snowboarders, riders, and much more gather around the brand, with whom Broke organizes tours and contests at European level. Soon the company earned a respectable place in the market and was mentioned in books and publications dedicated to the Street style, increasingly popular thanks to the contribution of well-known personalities from the world of hip hop music, such as Club Dogo , Neffa, Frankie Hi Energy, J-AX and others, who begin to proudly support the brand.

2011 - 2018

Year after year, Broke contributes to the growth of some of the most important personalities in the streetwear world, such as skater JM Roura, the Unlimited Struggle collective and several others.

For a short period of time, the Broke Clothing project decreases the production of garments, also due to the explosion of the world of Streetwear which distorts the values that accompanied this way of dressing and living. Broke thus takes time to improve the production process and the quality of the fabrics while waiting for the market to be ready again to dress and live the real street.

2019 - 2022

Today Broke comes back keeping unchanged its characteristics of authenticity, fidelity to its values and attention to the quality of the garments, which evolve together with its philosophy in a more conscious and ethical vision. The concept of Ecoism was born, which pervades the entire production and which pushes Broke to recognize and enhance the essential and the production of excellence, leaving out the superfluous and mass production to give way to strictly handmade garments, made starting from materials J.A.P.R.A.W. coming from research fabrics of the best Italian textile companies and from experimental materials. All production is carried out by Broke in the historic headquarters of Treviso, in the mainland of Venice, with the participation of small local laboratories.